Monday, February 26, 2018

Indi Chocolate Philippines Mindanao and Haiti 72% cacao

These are the last two bars from Indi Chocolate that I purchased during my Thanksgiving trip to Seattle.

Philippines: Heavy cacao taste with earthy, molasses flavors. Bitter aftertaste. 7.1

Haiti: Medium cacao taste with mild licorice notes. Aftertaste is mild. 7.3

I was surprised to see so many single-origin bars during my visit to Indi's store in Pike's Market. I would expect a relatively new chocolate maker to develop a few products and then expand as they gain experience.

I purchased bars from eight different origins from Indi. After tasting the range, I have not found the dynamic flavors I have seen from other bars manufactured from the same origins. Some quality may have suffered from the quantity of products.

Indi is still a fairly young chocolate company, and I would expect their chocolate making to develop over time. I will revisit their products on future trips to Seattle.

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