Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Arcádia Línguas de Gato 70% cacao

Fairly bitter taste, which is noticed in the persistent aftertaste. Bourbon and oak notes are noticeable, with some honey. 7.7

Ingredients: Couverture dark chocolate -- cocoa: 70% minimum (cocoa mass, sugar, emulsifier: SOYA LECIHIN)

Note that "Couverture" means "chocolate made with extra cocoa butter to give a high gloss, used for covering sweets and cakes."

This bar was purchased by my colleague, Todd, on his recent trip to Portugal. The bar is manufactured in Porto.

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Steve said...

From the Website:
"We created these Línguas de Gato with the purists and true chocolate lovers in mind. This little box of chocolates is truly special and takes us back to the authentic origin of chocolate: cocoa!"