Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cachet Peru 64% Cocoa

This bar has a bright, sweet flavor.  Some cherry notes, and some faint floral aspects.  There is no bitterness, and as a result there's a nice cocoa finish.  Very enjoyable.  8.2


Steve said...

From the label:

"An unmistakable hint of fruit with a slightly bitter cocoa taste creates a surprising first impression for this Peruvian origin chocolate. The fresh fruity note accentuated by a bouquet of dried fruit provides a sweeter, more creamy taste than is typical of dark chocolate. Once tasted, never forgotten. Please enjoy."

Anonymous said...

Where did you find this bar? I've only seen Cachet at a discounter (Grocery Outlet).

Steve said...

I picked this up at a small gyro place across from the Hyatt Regency in SF, Oasis. They also had the other two Cachet bars I've review, the Unganda and Costa Rica bars.