Sunday, May 22, 2011

Elite Bittersweet Chocolate Coins

One of my other interests is collecting coins, so I had to add these chocolate coins to my collection. The bag has three quarters (dates 1995) and one Kennedy half-dollar (dated 1980). The image work on the dollar looks good on both sides.  I bought a second bag that also has three quarters, but has an Eisenhower dollar instead of the half-dollar. For this set, the quarter is respectable on the obverse (front), but amateurish on the reverse (back).  Naturally, some details are left out from the coins -- no e pluribus unum motto.

As for the chocolate -- it's about as you'd expect for a novelty item.  A bit chalky, strong cocoa, your basic bittersweet chocolate.

Another interesting note: this product is made in Israel.

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