Wednesday, June 20, 2012

El Ceibo Bolivia Heritage 75% cocoa

Very flavorful chocolate, earthy and nutty, but with raisin and cherry notes popping out. Fairly bitter in the aftertaste, but the interest of the early experience of this chocolate keeps that bitterness in line. 7.7

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Steve said...

From the label:
"This chocolate is made by our own cooperative El Ceibo, founded in 1977. From the trees to the chocolate, we do not collaborate with the producers, we are the producers.

"Our Heritage cocoa is nature's wild gift to the Covendo region of Alto Beni. Heritage of nature and traditions, cocoa grows there naturally, not cultivated, simply harvested for generations. The people of Covendo share communal lands, and pick the cocoa, fruits and trees, in harmony with nature. The cocoa trees, unaltered for centuries, are unique to the region: large and far reaching, bearing small pods.

"The exceptional giving nature of this land, the tradition of its people combined with El Ceibo's standard of quality, bring the rare wild cocoa to its peak of excellence.

"This unique chocolate is elegant, smooth, with natural flavor notes of plum, molasses and almonds, nature's finest gift to try and revel in."