Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chocolove Organic 61% cocoa

I have been a fan of Chocolove bars: The Rich Dark 65%, the Strong Dark 70% and the Extra Strong Dark 77% cocoa bars. I've also liked the love poems included in these bars -- a nice bit of whimsy to go with the treat.

Some of this is missing from the organic offering from Chocolove. There is no poem, though there is a note about the making of the bar. At only 61% cocoa, maybe I'm missing some of the punch I've come to expect from the other bars. The "chalky" texture is prominent, which is less pleasing to me. There are some subtle flavors, most notable when the chocolate melts quietly in the mouth. There's a faint cherry flavor, certainly. The bar has very little bitterness, which is to be expected from the low cocoa content, so the finish is smooth. 6.6

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Steve said...

From the label:
"On a Caribbean island, organic farming has stimulated the cocoa trees to produce cocoa beans that are full of character. The big fruity flavor, acidity, and bitterness of the beans are artfully crafted into a balanced full-bodied premium chocolate as only the Belgians know how to do. Upon eating, the extra cocoa butter softly gives way to tangy, bittersweet cocoa flavor. Satisfying and intriguing, you'll want more. --Timothy"