Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mast Brothers San Martín 75% Cacao

Very aggressive flavor, very bitter and some chalkiness.  Cherry and raisin notes are present, but are overwhelmed by the sharp attack.  Some discoloration on the bar surface (there's no expiration date on the bar, but the batch number is 12220212). 6.2

The "chalky" taste note that I occasionally make seem to be correlated to how fine the added suger is integrated into the bar. The "stone ground" Taza Mexicano bar has the greatest coarseness and a strongly "chalky" mouthfeel.  This bar is much more refined, but still has noticeable sugar crystals when chewed.

This Mast Brothers bar is reminiscent of their Ocumare bar, which had a very large taste.

$12 / 2.5 oz (Mietta)

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Steve said...

From the label:
"From the rugged rainforests of northern Peru, the cacao epitomizes elegance. Floral notes are followed by rich plum, orange peel and mint."